Check out the ranking of the the 5 best Headhunter agencies in Brazil.

External sources that have been used also include: Reclame Aqui (A Popular Brazilian Reviews Website), Google My Business, and Media Coverage. All of which reinforce the position of the listed 5 Best Headhunter Agencies in Brazil.

Best Headhunters Agency in Brazil

Main factors taken into consideration for the Best headhunters

If you need to hire an experienced headhunter team in Brazil, consider the companies in the list below, which have been set apart as the most prominent in the Brazilian market.

With an in-depth assessment of the market segment, experts have evaluated the websites, portfolio, and internet comments of each agency and have highlighted the companies that stand out in Brazil.

External sources that have been used also include: Reclame Aqui (A Popular Brazilian Reviews Website), Google My Business, and Media Coverage. All of which reinforce the position of the listed 5 Best Headhunter Agencies in Brazil in 2022.

Sim Carreira is an HR tech focused on recruiting processes with its qualified team of headhunters. The company works cross-segment with Executive Search, top management, and mid-level positions. It´s customer centric approach and taylor-made solutions, make it a well-recognized, fast-growing, and sustainable organization, with national and international expertise.

It has a holistic and in-depth approach and understanding of the market and its impacts in the lives of individuals and businesses. It works with a win-win-win success model, that enables individuals to flourish, companies to succeed and society to prosper. 

It is one of the few companies in Brazil that incorporated socially responsible practices inherently in its business, and that promotes the welfare of society focusing on a triple bottom line.

Why is this company in the ranking?

Sim Carreira was included because it  displays a customer-centric approach with a high quality service for individuals and organizations. The company offers robust solutions in HR, ranging from specialized recruiting and executive search to outplacement, all of which address the specific needs of its business partners with established processes and a personalized approach. The company also stands out in Brazil as a socially responsible business.

If you need to find the best talent for your company, Robert Half can help. The company started in Finance and today works in several different areas:

Finance & Accounting
Financial Planning, Auditing, Compliance, Corporate Finance, as well as positions in the Financial Market and Insurance areas.

Human Resources
HR Manager, HR Coordinator, Business Partner, Training & Development professionals and more in Human Resources.

Legal Director, Tax, Corporate, Contracts, M&A, Litigation, Compliance professionals and more in Legal.

Information Technology
Developers, Application Architects, Data Scientists, IT Managers, Information Security, and more in Technology.

Sales and Marketing
Market Intelligence Analyst, Head of Growth, Account Executive, Sales Manager, Digital Marketing Analyst, Marketing Manager, and more in Sales & Marketing.

Planning Coordinator, Application Engineer, Sales Engineer, Operations Director, Plant Manager, Buyer, and more in Engineering.

Why is this company in the ranking?

With operations throughout Latin America and in many parts of the

world, Robert Half is undoubtedly preferred by many who are accustomed to the approaches and solutions of a well-established and traditional recruiting company.

Robert Half´s clients endorse the company with positive recommendations and its capability to help organizations find top talent for the most challenging positions.

STATO was born out of status. The prestigious position of individuals in society, and is a headhunter company that has been gaining more relevance in the national scene. 

For more than 30 years, the relationships built, and company values has helped them reach great talents in the country and abroad. They partake in the moment of attraction of top candidates, in their development, and in their career transition.

Having an understanding of the human capital, people, and their individual aspirations, potentials, limitations and competencies, allows the team to excel in the market. Its professionals believe that the best delivery is precisely the one that respects the differences and aspirations of each individual. That is why they believe that excellence in delivery lies precisely on treating each person individually.

Why is this company in the ranking?

Stato offers modern solutions that meet today’s main demands. There is no doubt that its customers’ recommendations are also an added incentive to attract new business, especially in outplacement, where experienced headhunters help individuals and their careers.

Created in 2002 to meet various demands in Human Resources, Agnis was soon recognized in the market for its excellence in identifying and developing people.
With its headquarters in Rio de Janeiro and a business unit in São Paulo, the company acts in a personalized way, treating each client as its best Client, delivering concrete solutions, in a unique way, enhancing its “boutique” image in People Management.
Their headhunters, consultants, support staff, administrative staff and suppliers understand that the major role of AGNIS is to contribute to a better, fair and balanced society.
Thus, it seeks to help people succeed in their careers through four critical success factors:
1) To present executives and professionals aligned to the profile desired by Clients in the Hunting and recruiting processes.
2) Act as agents of transformation in Coaching, Career Counseling and Training projects.
3) Build customer loyalty and become referred by them for new projects.
4) Be recognized by the market, candidates, clients and suppliers as a company of excellence, serious and responsible. 

Why is this company in the ranking?

Agnis has a national relevance with good approval rates and evaluations as a whole.
The experience acquired throughout the years with candidate selection also favors the company. It also has a mix of services and is amongst the top few best executive search in Brazil.

A very well-known and recognized company in Brazil is De Bernt, which operates with talent management as a cycle at the core of organizations. They understand that change is necessary and people are at the core of organizations. Their aim of keeping professionals satisfied and productive goes through a mutually beneficial model, where people and companies win and become stronger. The 3 elements of their Transformation Cycle through Talent Management considers people, change, and development as parts of a continuous and strategic process for the evolution of business.

For international projects, De Bernt has a direct partnership with AIMS: an association of 50 companies with high quality standards in specialized and customized recruitment and selection services. This partnership brings global reach to the company, ensuring quality in a process in which local partners are directly involved in the work.

Why is this company in the ranking?

As an important player in the Brazil, with a careful approach and a wide range of solutions in human resources, DeBernt is a strong contender in the market. The company stands out for its versatility and adaptation to new trends and technologies.

More Details About List Criteria

The Best Headhunters in Brazil

The updated ranking above was carefully made to list the 5 Best Headhunting Companies in Brazil. This list was based on several variables, including Google, feedback from clients on the internet, company history and quality and span of services offered.

How to get on the list?

The companies listed and their positions are constantly updated and may be automatically changed. If you expected other companies to also partake in this list, don´t worry as if they keep doing a great job, they will show up in searches, become noticed and further recognized in the list among the best headhunters in Brazil.


About Catho - The Company is a pioneer in its segment, Catho is a technology company that operates as an online job and resume search engine with several tools and recruitment solutions that help clients in their careers and in the job market. More than being an online job platform, they know that they play an important role in society. They have more than 7 million registered resumes, with 4,000 new resumes per day. They have the largest base of candidates with disabilities, and these professionals can subscribe to Catho completely free of charge. People go to Catho hoping to get a job, and the company works to help these individuals to be professionally fulfilled, helps companies become more productive, and Brazil to prosper.
Indeed is the #1 job site in the world with over 250 million unique visitors per month, 175 million resumes, 320 million company ratings and reviews, and 10 jobs added per second worldwide. Indeed works to put candidates first by giving them free access to search for jobs, post resumes, and research companies. Every day, they connect millions of people to new opportunities. Indeed is passionately pursuing the goal to improve the recruitment process through real stories and data. is among the leading job and career portals in Brazil, and the only one with an exclusive channel for Career Guidance. It has more than 180,000 registered companies, more than 3 million resumes and more than 140,000 job vacancies. It is a complete solution for those who want to recruit or be recruited, a unique place that enables a fast, dynamic and efficient contact between employer and employee, company and candidate. Some topics they can aid candidates in consist of: Behavior Best Practices for Online Job Searches; How to prepare cover letters and resumes; How to behave during interviews and other job dynamics; Job market Salary Survey; and Career development.


We hope that this list has been useful for you to learn more about the best headhunting companies in Brazil and understand what sets them apart;

Among all the factors taken into account to compose this list, none was more important than the clients’ experience and satisfaction when dealing with the companies.

Best Headhunters Agency in Brazil

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